When PPE and protective clothing are your employees’ uniform

When PPE and protective clothing are your employees’ uniform

When employees work in roles that require protection against hazards, the appropriate safety workwear is imperative. For some, this may involve head-to-toe protective safety clothing. Yet working in behind-the-scenes positions doesn’t mean that those employees don’t need to be recognisable as a member of your organisation too. Safety workwear should also be considered a company uniform, even if it’s not conventional formal workwear. Here, we look at why companies should identify their team and the best methods to make it easy.

Why it’s essential to identify your workforce

Staff in public-facing roles are almost always identified as members of the organisation they work for by wearing a corporate company uniform either with bespoke corporate workwear in full company colours or with the personalisation of generic workwear with embroidered or heatseal branding and logos. Wearing corporate uniforms identifies staff as people who can help customers or have authority. What’s more, uniforms extend an organisation’s brand identity, helping to convey professionalism in many instances and other corporate brand values in others.

Sometimes, staff that deal with hazards at work are also public-facing. For example, refuse workers, contract cleaning staff, and logistics staff may all interact with the public or other organisations, secondary to their primary role. What’s more, staff in safety roles in workplaces such as airports, where different companies work alongside each other, need to be easily identifiable and distinguishable, for both safety and security purposes. However, even if staff are not public facing or don’t work with other organisations, such as those working for utilities companies or in warehouses, there are security benefits to providing them with branded safety wear, helping to clearly identify each other and instil a sense of belonging and cohesion among teams.

How to incorporate branding into safety workwear

Safety clothing companies and work clothing suppliers may provide generic workwear that offers adequate protection against workplace hazards. At Contego Safety Solutions, we go further. We are a uniform specialist that provides safety workwear that conforms to all necessary safety standards and can be branded with company logos to make safety clothing part of a distinctive corporate uniform.

Our experienced in-house embroidery and heatseal team can help you choose suitable workwear for your business, and deliver high quality, long-lasting branded workwear that withstands the rigours of industrial washing. Contego’s Online Management Portal also helps our clients to replace safety uniforms promptly to maintain a polished company image when items inevitably become worn or tired after long-term use.

Job roles that can benefit from company branding of safety workwear are almost limitless. Consider smartly embroidered logos on food trade coats and chef’s jackets, crisply stitched branding on the boilersuits, jackets, and baseball caps for grounds maintenance teams or vibrantly coloured symbols on the polo shirts and tabards for facilities management and contract cleaning staff.

Using corporate branding on PPE

Corporate branding on workwear goes beyond heat-sealed logos on coveralls or embroidery on safety jackets. Smaller items of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including head protection, can usually be branded too – useful for not only identifying ownership of PPE items but helping to project a consistent brand image. The method of branding will depend on the item. Heatseal printing works particularly well on high-visibility PPE, where Contego can incorporate large format logos.

Contego Safety Solutions stocks a wide range of corporate workwear, protective clothing and PPE, including our WEARMASTER® range. We also provide a bespoke uniform design and manufacturing service to ensure you get precisely what you are looking for in a company uniform. The friendly and expert team at Contego Safety Solutions is always on hand to give advice and guidance on the right PPE and protective clothing for your needs. Contact us now on 0800 122 3323 or sales@contegosafety.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

Published on 8 June 2021


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