What to Consider When Designing a Staff Uniform

What to Consider When Designing a Staff Uniform

When staff members work on the front line of any business, well-designed work uniforms are an excellent way to showcase a company’s brand. To achieve the best first impression, careful consideration must be given to the design and composition of the uniform, the materials to be used and the way in which it is made.

At Contego, we have many years of experience in the design and manufacture of staff uniforms for a wide variety of industries.

Drawing on that experience and expertise, here is a quick guide on what to consider when devising and designing staff uniform:

Consistent, recognisable branding and colours

An effective company image is vital for recognisability and enhancing reputation. The right colours and branding should be used on work uniforms in the same way as they would on any other kind of marketing material.

A consistent brand gives out a strong message to customers and makes members of staff more recognisable when needed. When the uniform is smart and appealing, this is also likely to instill more confidence in the work being done.

What does BRAND stand for?
B is for Belonging – a brand gives your people a sense of belonging to your team.
R is for Recognition – a brand helps your clients and customers easily recognise staff.
A is for Appreciation – there is nothing like a sense of being included to make your people appreciate their company.
N is for Neat – a corporate image smartens up your team like nothing else.
D is for Driven – a team with a common goal and identity are driven to achieve.

Fabrics that feel right

Whatever industry your workers are in, staff uniforms must be comfortable, hard-wearing and durable, as they’re worn every day.

Cheap fabrics and poorly made clothing can become worn easily, which in turn can, not only lower morale, but also project the wrong image of the organisation itself.

In the long term, using substandard materials can also cost more, as replacement clothing becomes a more frequent necessity.

The fabrics used should be robust, but also easy to care for, such as being crease resistant and easy to keep clean. Look for fabrics that are suitable for the commercial wash and dry cycle.

A style to suit every job

In addition to having the right fabrics for your work uniforms, they must be well-fitting and designed in a style which makes staff members feel good when wearing them.

Accordingly, the workforce will be likely to project the best image and represent your brand in the most professional way.

The style of the uniform must also take into account the type of work that is being done and the practicality of getting daily tasks completed effectively while wearing it.

Bespoke uniform services

Contego remains at the forefront of all the latest innovations and technologies in work uniforms. Our designers have the ability to create and manufacture your very own bespoke corporate designs to suit your specific needs and identity. We are also on hand to help answer any queries or concerns you might have.

In order to help you create the uniform that’s exactly right, we work in close contact with your marketing team or those in charge of corporate image, to achieve the very best and most professional results.

For further advice on the design and manufacture of work uniforms, or details of our extensive range work clothing and PPE – download the Contego Catalogue now, visit our website or contact the team on 0800 122 3323 or sales@contegosafety.co.uk.

Published on 14 August 2018


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