Top Tips for Productive Meetings

Top Tips for Productive Meetings

1. Start on time.

Avoid waiting for late arrivals, this will only encourage repeat behaviour.

2. Have an agenda.

Keep the agenda short and stick to it.

3. State your goals.

What do you hope to achieve/what are the goals; state this when the meeting commences

4. Keep gatherings small.

Try to keep the number of people attending the meeting to no more than seven people.

5. Keep them short.

The default time scale for a meeting is often 1hr. Try scheduling for 45/30 or 15 minutes. Saving these minutes here could mean you could also accomplish the task in the previous time it would have taken to have the meeting.

6. Expect everyone to contribute.

Everyone present should contribute in the meeting, consider non speakers as non- attenders in the future

7. Presentation.

Use more pictures than words. Keep text to a minimum, avoid jargon.

8. Take it outside.

For ideas to flow or when things get stagnant consider taking the meeting out of meeting room. Take a walk or find a place outside to sit.. Conference rooms can be the opposite of inspiring

Outside meeting

9. Round up

End the meeting with a summary, decision/s and action steps. Make sure attendees are aware of their tasks.

Have a follow up process is in place to monitor progress of these tasks.

Happy Meeting!

Published on 5 July 2016


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