Six pain points experienced by H&S procurement staff

Six pain points experienced by H&S procurement staff

Fully equipping staff with the right Personal Protective Equipment and appropriate uniform can be a challenging task for Health and Safety procurement staff. There are six main pain points they face as they negotiate the challenges procuring and fulfilling the often complex uniform and PPE requirements of an entire workforce.

  1. Managing multiple suppliers 

    Workplaces that require PPE, protective clothing, workwear, accessories and equipment are often some of the most complex. In order to fulfil the requirements of various departments, such as facilities management and cleaning, front-of-house and logistics, those in health and safety procurement may have been forced to use multiple suppliers, as no single supplier can meet all of their needs. By working with a single supplier of PPE, protective clothing and workwear the pain of managing multiple suppliers, with differing policies and modes of operating, is removed and both efficiency and budgetary savings are more likely.

  2. Handling individual requirements 

    Every employee has different preferences when it comes to uniform sizes, safety footwear styles, and PPE choices. Meeting the individual requirements for each of your staff isn’t always straightforward but can be simplified by Contego Safety Solutions’ Online Management Portal. It allows authorised personnel to select uniform and PPE preferences from a predetermined list, freeing up the time of H&S staff to focus on other priorities.

  3. Controlling budgets 

    Managing PPE and safety workwear budgets can be a particular pain point for H&S staff. Our dedicated Online Management Portal allows permissions to be pre-set that authorise which staff can view and order uniform and equipment. The Portal also provides total transparency about how much is being spent and on what, allowing H&S procurement staff a full insight into PPE budgets.

  4. Distributing workwear efficiently 

    Once employees have made their uniform and PPE choices, ensuring easy distribution can pose another challenge. Contego Safety Solutions’ WEARPACK® service means uniform and equipment is labelled with each employee’s name, allowing efficient internal delivery throughout the organisation and to different sites.

  5. Tracking safety workwear and PPE usageContego Safety Solutions’ WEARPACK® service also makes it possible to track how quickly items are being used and re-ordered. Not only does it allow H&S staff to ensure new PPE is re-ordered in line with guidance for replacing PPE, but it can also help with forecasting supply chain management, so employees aren’t caught without the equipment they need to perform their job safely. It can also help individuals that might need extra pointers on how to improve the longevity of their uniform and PPE by following the correct care procedures.
  6. Ensuring consistent uniforms 

    Bespoke uniforms, finished with embroidered logos or Heatseal logos, results in a professional and consistent appearance across the workforce. Once designs are approved, they are uploaded to the Online Management Portal, where up to five logos can be stored, for easy ordering by pre-approved staff on predetermined uniform items.

Contego Safety Solutions offers a comprehensive range of waterproof safety and work footwear and accessories, and an unsurpassed level of customer service.

Find out more about Contego Safety Solutions’ extensive range by downloading the Contego Catalogue now, visiting our website or contacting our friendly team on 0800 122 3323 or

Published on 13 October 2020


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