Product Development

In this fast-changing world, where continual improvement is the motivating factor, there is no such thing as standing still. At Contego we recognise this and are passionate to lead. Our Vision and listening carefully to our customers’ needs, wants and ideas, empowers our broad thinking and highly driven Research and Development team to keep us at the forefront.

We are constantly adding new products and improving existing ranges to ensure our customers benefit from new technologies.

Maintaining product quality and supply dependability is critical to us, therefore considerable thought and research goes into the supply chain.

These companies would have a reputable track record, normally ISO 9001 accredited and are subject to further checks and site visits to evaluate the quality of the operation.

With our own brand WEARMASTER®, we have master samples. Spot checks are carried out on items in every new batch to ensure the specification is rigorously upheld.

There are no shortcuts to assuring safety. Contego is accredited by BSiF, which means we are externally audited on product quality to ensure safety standards are upheld, giving you peace of mind that your people are properly protected.


What Our Clients Say

“Worked with our vision, and went beyond the extra mile finding us safety boot options that met our required standard for impact protection across the bridge of the foot… and within budget."

"Options on how end users could order were fab too, for my company at the time the people that needed the boots did not have access to PCs so forcing online ordering (as some suppliers do) just couldn’t work, like I said – found what worked for us.”

“Contego changed my world… They came in cheaper, better quality, SO MUCH FASTER… Nathan’s team are all about what works for you, took all the pain away.

Anita Cutts, former Purchasing Manager for Bradford Building Supplies."

“I rarely bother recommending people because I worry about consistency, but they were consistently ACE!”

“Very helpful and knowledgeable, the staff at Contego always deliver, even at short notice. Nothing seems too hard for them. Their collaborative, partnering approach to working with us ensures we get the very best products at the best prices.”

“I just wanted to say if I had my own company, Julie Hopkins, our account manager would defo be a part of it…..excellent service & feedback ….a massive asset to Contego!”