New workwear Recycling Scheme launched

Contego’s guiding principle is simple: protecting people every day with the highest quality PPE and workwear. But we also need to protect our planet. And a key part of that is planning for when our products reach the end of their lifespan. Nathan Lewis, Sustainability Director at Contego, explains what happens next. 


The right PPE and workwear will make the user feel comfortable, confident and protected. It therefore needs to be in perfect condition to function: damage and wear and tear can compromise its performance and effectiveness. However well designed and resilient the product, it will eventually need replacing when it’s no longer able to serve its purpose. And simply sending waste to landfill is not acceptable. 


That’s why I’m proud to launch the Contego Workwear Recycling Scheme. When our products reach the end of their life, our customers can now securely and responsibly dispose of them. The process is simple: customers order the empty boxes via our online shop; the boxes can then be filled with clothing, boots, gloves – or any Contego product that’s no longer in use; we’ll then collect the boxes and send the items to be responsibly recycled, repurposed or processed. 


Our aim is to ensure as many garments as possible are given a second life. This ranges from recycling metals and plastics all the way through to shredding clothing and reusing the fibres in linings and insulation. There are several factors to consider such as the mix of natural and synthetic materials in a garment, coatings applied to clothing and the way items may have been bonded or sealed together. 


In situations when it’s not yet feasible to recycle or repurpose materials then they can be converted into solid recovered fuel (SRF) pellets – a high-yield energy source that can help power the UK. 


As with all our sustainability and ESG commitments we’re not standing still and are always looking to innovate and drive the agenda for the benefit of our customers and society as a whole.  We recently launched our sustainability hub which is a live dashboard of our progress and ambitions across a range of initiatives from saving energy, reducing waste and zero-emissions driving. 


And you can shop our sustainable range of sustainable workwear here 


Alternatively give our friendly and experienced team a call on 0800 122 3323 to discuss how we can help your own sustainability efforts with our products and services. 



Published on 1 July 2024
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