National Apprenticeship Week

Apprenticeships add value and bring benefits to both the apprentice and their employer

National Apprenticeship Week is celebrating its 17th birthday. It’s a fitting anniversary for a scheme that opens up a whole world of opportunities for anyone over the age of 16 who’s not in full-time education.

Apprenticeships can unlock a new generation of talent to enable businesses to grow. From ground handling to construction, logistics to utilities, there are countless examples of apprentices making a profound and positive contribution in the sectors we serve.

Simply put, an apprenticeship combines practical training in a job with study. And the benefits for the apprentice are clear: it’s a paid role where they’ll also get structured, high-quality training – both on and off the job. The salary is often competitive and joining a workforce brings other financial perks as well as networking opportunities in the wider sector.

But what’s in it for the employer? The top line stats are compelling: 86% of employers said apprenticeships helped them develop skills relevant to their organisation whilst 74% said the quality of their product or service was improved (source: UK Gov). And funding is available to help pay for the training.

Indeed, in terms of the balance sheet there are clear efficiencies when it comes to recruitment and retention costs. At a time where there’s a reported skilled labour shortage across much of the UK business landscape, it’s an opportunity to invest in the development of talent and immediately reap the rewards. As the apprentice increases their proficiency, their productivity improves too.

It’s also a statement of your business’s culture to proactively encourage and develop apprentices. A progressive and inclusive organisation that’s invested in sourcing and training individuals with fresh perspectives from the local community is likely to be more adaptable to change and resilient to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

There are plenty of online resources which lay out the pathway to hiring an apprentice. And once they join the team you’ll want to ensure that they have confidence in the PPE and workwear that they need to get the job done comfortably and safely.

The friendly and experienced team at Contego can partner with you to ensure you procure the safety solutions that can help elevate your people, and your business, to the next level. Contact us now on 0800 122 3323 or to discuss your requirements.

Published on 5 February 2024


Contego certified as carbon neutral

Contego certified as carbon neutral

Contego is delighted to announce it has been certified as a carbon neutral organisation by Carbon Neutral Britain. It means the business has measured, calculated and offset its carbon emissions as part of an ongoing drive to reduce its impact on the planet.

Dressing for success

Dressing for success

The primary role of PPE and workwear is to keep your workforce safe. But the best quality products will offer far more than that. Not only should they be comfortable to wear, functional and long-lasting, but the addition of branding or a logo can also help foster a team identity and a sense of pride and professionalism – as well as being good to look at.

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