Do I need to wear prescription safety glasses?

Do I need to wear prescription safety glasses?

Did you know – three quarters of people in the UK wear glasses or contact lenses, or have had corrective eye surgery? If yours is a working environment that requires eye protection, the chances are high then that there are members of your team who should be wearing prescription safety glasses.

In the past getting prescription safety eyewear has been a less than straightforward task, involving lots of form filling and tests before the appropriate eyewear could be ordered. Even more so with specialist requirements for tinted lenses, higher prescriptions and additional coatings. Indeed the delay caused by the complex process of ordering safety eyewear could well have left workers without adequate eye protection while they waited for their prescription glasses to arrive.

But not anymore. The new Bolle Prescription Safety Glasses pack is a convenient and hassle-free solution to ensuring workers who wear corrective eyewear have the eye safety protection they need.

Prescription safety eyewear made easy

The latest addition to our specialist eyewear PPE range, the new Bolle Prescription Safety Glasses pack provides a simple and straightforward way of getting prescription safety glasses organised quickly and efficiently.

The pack contains everything you need, including an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide. All you need to do is:

  • Complete your personal details on the easy-to-use form
  • Take the pack to your optician
  • Choose your frame (there are 16 great styles of Bolle safety frames available)
  • Relax while your optician completes the form, orders your bespoke frames and then tells you when they are ready for collection.

Keep your workforce safe

Employers and health and safety managers concerned with providing optimum eye protection for their workforces will find they have an easy and convenient solution in the Bolle Prescription Safety Glasses pack. Simply give the pack to any employee who wears prescription eyewear and leave the rest to them and the opticians.
Their eyes will be safely protected in no time at all. And there’ll be no more discomfort from having to wear ill-fitting goggles over their everyday glasses.

Find out more about the new Bolle Prescription Safety Glasses pack and Contego Safety Solutions’ extensive range of protective eyewear, safety clothing and PPEdownload the Contego Catalogue now, visit our website or contact our friendly team on 0800 122 3323 or

Published on 10 April 2018


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