Building A Greener Future: How Contego Puts ESG At The Heart Of Its Business

The business world has changed immeasurably over recent years. Today, regardless of the industry sector, it is no longer just what businesses do that matters, it’s how they behave and how they are perceived by the outside world.  For investors, stakeholders, employees and customers, this movement towards purpose and values-based business is focused on understanding the ESG (environmental, social and governance) efforts of a company.  

Nowhere is this more evident than in the resource and waste management sector, which will be showcasing its increasingly green credentials at the forthcoming RWM (Resource & Waste Management) Expo at the NEC in Birmingham on September 13 and 14. 

ESG in the PPE and workwear sector 

Among the 500+ exhibitors at the event will be safety solutions specialist Contego, a leading provider of PPE and workwear that has embedded ESG in its values and culture and reinforced them through policies and initiatives that drive sustainable practices and create positive change for the planet throughout its operations. 

Head of Sales Nick Reay says: “As an SME, we recognise our responsibility to ensure our operations are having the lowest possible impact on the environment. Each day on our growth journey we consider the impact of our business decisions and how we can be a better partner to our suppliers and customers. As a values-driven company, all our employees are committed and knowledgeable of their role in helping reach our sustainability goals.” 

Environmental strategy 

Contego’s core business goal is minimal environmental impact, evident in its ISO 14001 accreditation. Key sustainability efforts include solar panels generating surplus energy and a shift to all-electric vehicles. Suppliers and couriers are chosen based on their alignment with the company’s ESG values. A commitment to maximising recycling, reducing plastic packaging, and using sustainable materials ensures that their core environmental values – minimising waste, maximising renewable energy and engaging their people and community in their sustainable growth – are continually maintained. 

Contego’s social strategy focuses primarily on the safety and wellbeing of its staff; paying above the living wage and providing a range of employee benefits including healthcare support, option days, bonuses, and flexible working. Through its active charitable giving agenda, the firm donates more than £80,000 annually to the Grace Trust which supports 450 charities. Compliance is viewed as a minimum, and Contego has built its governance strategy around robust policies, systems and controls that ensure the highest health and safety standards, and complete transparency. 

A competitive environmental edge 

ESG plays a crucial role in remaining a competitive partner in today’s challenging landscape, and when it comes to attracting clients it has given Contego a competitive edge. One of its clients, FCC Environment, operates a range of waste management sites, including material recycling facilities (MRF), energy from waste (EfW) plants, and landfill sites, and employs around 2,400 people across the UK. After being let down by a previous PPE and workwear supplier FCC entered into a contract with Contego, attracted by its outstanding green credentials and commitment to providing exceptional levels of customer service. Despite challenging time constraints, Contego ensured a smooth and efficient mobilisation for FCC’s procurement team. 

Another client, sustainable waste management solutions provider Covanta, is on a mission to create sustainable solutions that ensure ‘no waste is ever wasted’. It employs over 4,000 staff. When the company wanted to provide them with more comfortable PPE and workwear for their staff, to ensure they could fulfil their roles efficiently, Contego became their partner of choice. Regular site visits took place to ensure that Contego fully understood the unique challenges facing each Covanta operative in their role; which can involve various hazards requiring adequate protection. Contego’s industry knowledge and expertise provided a strong foundation for an ongoing working relationship. 

Building long-term business relationships 

Contego’s bid writer Lauren Prior says: “We are seeing an increasing emphasis on the importance of sustainability in the process of winning new clients. So, not only are we moving forward leaps and bounds with our own initiatives, but we’re also seeing our customers going on that same journey with us, which sets the tone for a strong and long-lasting relationship.” 

Companies and consumers are increasingly focused on environmental concerns like waste management, resource protection, and recycling for a greener future. These topics will be highlighted at the upcoming RWM Expo, where attendees can learn about Contego’s sustainable PPE and workwear approach. You can discover more about Contego’s appearance at the RWM Expo and why the event is so important here.

Contego will be exhibiting at Stand R-N173 . Please email if you’d like one of our team to contact you to arrange a meeting.  

Published on 24 August 2023


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