Gearing up for a summer of sport

For sports fans it doesn’t get much better than the summer of 2024. Not only are the Olympics being hosted in Paris but Germany is the base for the men’s football European Championships from June. Closer to home, Wembley is the venue for the men’s Champions League final this year – joining the annual line up of world class UK sporting events including Wimbledon, The Open and the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Unmissable action means increased demand and that’s not just for tickets. A busy summer of sport will have several implications for the stadium facilities, contract cleaning and ground maintenance sectors. Here are five considerations to bear in mind when it comes to adequately protecting your teams:

1. Increased workload

Stadium staff – from stewards and security personnel, through to pitch technicians and groundskeepers – may be required to work extended shifts. PPE and workwear should be provided that can mitigate risks from tiredness or extended periods of activity, especially outdoors. Additionally, the numbers of staff required will likely increase so volumes of kit will need to scale accordingly.

2. Training requirements

PPE and workwear is only effective if it is used correctly. It’s clearly crucial that a culture of excellence across health and safety training and application is communicated to those joining on temporary contracts or from staffing agencies. This includes both contractors and vendors. The PPE and workwear they are using should fit properly and be comfortable – otherwise you’re compromising safety, productivity and compliance.

3. Enhanced cleaning regimes

If a venue is full to capacity, then cleaning protocols will need to be rigorous, extensive and efficient. If chemicals are used then safety precautions around the use of protective gloves, masks and eyewear will be required. Event attendees also expect a higher standard of general hygiene in public areas since the pandemic.

4. Sustainability matters

A spike in demand for the right PPE to protect your workforce should not result in the environment taking a hit after the event. Procurement teams should scrutinise the production process and longevity of products as well as shopping a growing range of sustainable workwear.

5. Communication

Nobody will have a better sense of the effectiveness of the PPE and workwear solution than the teams actually using it. By maintaining open lines of communication and actively seeking input on the suitability of the PPE and workwear, you’ll quickly be able to identify any issues that need solving. A culture of constructive feedback will also foster a valuable team spirit that will be valued when capacity is maximised. The HSE has put together this guide on consulting and involving your workers.

For almost 30 years Contego has been trusted by the ground maintenance, contract cleaning and facilities management sectors to equip them with the PPE and workwear solutions they need. And with a busy summer ahead, experience and specialised knowledge is more important than ever. Give the team a call on 0800 122 3323 or to discuss your requirements.

Published on 28 March 2024


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