Dressing for success

The primary role of PPE and workwear is to keep your workforce safe. But the best quality products will offer far more than that. Not only should they be comfortable to wear, functional and long-lasting, but the addition of branding or a logo can also help foster a team identity and a sense of pride and professionalism – as well as being good to look at.

Here are five considerations when procuring branded workwear or PPE:

1 – Seek input

First, it’s important to involve all relevant stakeholders who can help determine the company’s branding needs based on past experience and anticipating future requirements. On the practical side, staff who will be actually using the PPE and workwear will have an opinion on what is most effective, whilst the marketing department may have intelligence of any planned brand evolutions to consider.

2 – Design and visibility

Branding needs to be prominent enough to be legible and recognisable. There are also several questions to be asked around brand guidelines. This will determine colour schemes, and the selection and position of logos. Many brands have multiple logos, so which one can be used and is it sufficient on its own? What size should it be? Does it require any additional text? Ask your supplier to work with you to help visualise the end result.

3 – Durability

Ensure branding is resilient to the conditions that the workwear will be subjected to – such as chemicals, wear and tear or repeated washing. The logo does not provide the same protection function, but it’s likely to face many of the same hazards. Consider embroidery or Heatseal printing services for extra durability.

4 – Choose your supplier carefully

Your PPE and workwear supplier should be your partner in this process. Choose a supplier who offers a personalised, consultancy experience rather than a production house focused on volumes. Look at their track record, testimonials from other customers and the aftercare service they provide beyond product fulfilment.

5 – Compliance

The addition of a logo or branding clearly cannot compromise the fundamental safety features or integrity of the workwear or PPE. Your supplier should be able to talk you through the options and the implications of any relevant legislation or national industry standards.

At Contego we have been using the latest technology to turn our customers’ branding requirements into reality for over 35 years. Call us on 0800 122 3323 or email sales@contegosafety.co.uk to find out how we can apply our creativity to suit your specific needs and identity.

Published on 13 February 2024


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