Contego Safety Solutions – a year of operating safely

Contego Safety Solutions – a year of operating safely

2019 may have been a year of uncertainty in the UK and beyond, but it has been a period of stability and growth at Contego Safety Solutions. We have continued to offer the best service to our clients, and more and more we are seeing our customers appreciating the quality of the products we produce and the customer service we provide.

Buying trends in 2019

There is a continued trend for consumers wanting longevity of wear over initial outlay costs. This again has proven that the partnership approach that Contego Safety Solutions takes working with our customers is the right one for both parties. Helping to ensure worker safety and contribute to our customers’ success continue to be our highest priorities.

Customer feedback strongly suggests they are in favour of honest and upfront information on delivery lead times. Feedback suggests that those protective clothing and PPE suppliers who offer ‘unbelievable’ lead times tend to turn out to be unreliable and frequently let down the customer at the last minute. In contrast, when we give a lead time for the delivery of products, we reflect the time needed to provide the highest quality product. Contego Safety Solutions’ prompt but realistic lead times make us one of the most reliable suppliers of PPE in the marketplace.

Buying trends in 2019 have also shown that the emphasis Contego Safety Solutions’ places on our products being comfortable to wear has a significant impact on staff morale and increases adherence to a workplace safety culture. The popularity of products such as the Aresta Plus Multi-Vented Safety Helmet, which is the lightest helmet of its kind on the market, and the Aresta Scafell – Stretch – Elasticated Harness, designed for total wearer comfort, prove the success of our focus on wearer comfort – a focus we will continue to adopt into the future.

Tracking for our clients

Another focus that we have adopted is that helping our clients to promote a culture of PPE utilisation and ensuring that all protective clothing and equipment remains fit-for-purpose. Tracking both the usage and the age of PPE and protective clothing is key in maintaining a health and safety culture in the workplace and reducing safety hazards. According to a survey of safety professionals, the failure to wear appropriate PPE is the second-leading cause of injuries in the workplace.

Contego Safety Solutions has invested heavily in setting up an Online Management Portal that helps customers to track PPE usage and ensure the PPE is new enough. Workers will often fail to use poorly maintained PPE or protective equipment they believe is not fit-for-purpose. Our Online Management Portal helps companies to set up and maintain a culture of safety within their workplaces, and to keep a close eye on the usage levels of PPE, protective clothing and equipment. Careful records also help companies to lower the costs to the business, as only the equipment which is needed will be ordered, and is essential for forward planning and budgeting.

Contego Safety Solutions continues to be committed to the success of our customers. We are proud of these successes in 2019 and look forward to working with you in 2020.

Contego Safety Solutions offers a comprehensive range of workwear, safety clothing and equipment, PPE and accessories, and an unsurpassed level of customer service.

Find out more about Contego Safety Solutions’ extensive range by downloading the Contego Catalogue now, visiting our website or contacting our team on 0800 122 3323 or

Published on 10 December 2019


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