Contego Safety Solutions – 2021 highlights

Contego Safety Solutions - 2021 highlights

As the year draws to an end, it’s fair to say it has been another one which has posed challenges for us all, as the effects of the global pandemic continued. Supply shortages and staff absences increased the pressures put on businesses, but at Contego Safety Solutions, we have been proud to stand firm in our commitment to continue to provide the very highest standards in PPE and safety workwear, despite the odds. The need for high quality PPE and safety workwear increased over the year, as many more people in the UK returned to their places of work. This return meant an even more vital necessity for employers to ensure the utmost levels of safety were achieved, to protect the workforce and help combat COVID-19. With the heightened need for PPE came an influx of ‘pop-up’ suppliers – companies that appeared from nowhere, creating a dangerous situation which led to confusion at best and risk to life at worst. As an established supplier of PPE, which adheres to the correct safety standards, we have been proud to give customers a service they can rely on.

Highlights of the year

The year hasn’t been all about challenges, however. Some of the more notable highlights of the last year for us were as follows:

  • Contego was one of the first sites in the UK to have a Tesla Megapack installed on its land. It harnesses wind energy from the English Channel and can support the National Grid in peak times. The initiative has been just one of things we are doing at Contego to improve our sustainability.
  • We welcomed all staff back to the office in July 2021 after a long period away due to COVID-19.
  • Lavina Railton in our Customer Service department recently won our Employee of the Quarter award.
  • Rob Collins passed his BSIF exam. The British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) is the UK’s leading trade body within the safety industry and his success further cements our position as one of the UK’s leading PPE and safety workwear suppliers.
  • WEARPACK® also replaced Manpack as one of our leading customer services. The new name falls more in line with Contego’s own brand of safety workwear – WEARMASTER® – and still offers customers the ability to track employees’ usage effectively as all items are individually assigned.

Looking ahead

In 2022 we will continue to move and adapt with the times, in our aim to offer customers even better and faster support than ever before. Please be aware that the Contego Safety Solutions festive closure dates are:

  • Closed from midday Friday 24th December, 2021 to Tuesday 4th January, 2022 (normal office hours 9am-5pm)
  • Last order date to be processed and shipped prior to the festive holiday will be 2pm on 22nd December.
  • Orders can still be placed via the online portal, and we are still accepting emails, however no orders will be processed or replies sent to emails until 4th January 2022.

Find out more about our extensive range of PPE and safety workwear by visiting our website or contacting our friendly team on 0800 122 3323 or

Published on 14 December 2021


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