Our Mission

The mission of Contego is a commitment to “Perfect Customer Service” delivered with professionalism, friendliness, individual care and company personality, ensuring every interaction is truly a pleasure for everyone.

Our Vision

To be the company that customers love to deal with. Our service and our products are the motivation that keeps them coming back, driving our sustainability and profitability.

Our Values

Respect: – We show appreciation, and offer support freely.
Careful: – We’re accurate and place emphasis on attention to detail.
Innovation: – We think ahead of the game, for a better tomorrow.
Empowerment: – We recognise talent and develop those around us.
Personal Accountability: – We do take responsibility for all our actions.
Focus: – We focus on continually improving, ensuring we deliver real results.
Integrity: – We’re honest to our colleagues, our suppliers, our customers and ourselves.
Teamwork: – We work together with a team approach and share advice and encouragement.


With a dedicated drive and passion for excellence, we stay in front of market trends and get the best products available, ensuring the customer is best informed and protected. We care for your staff, your image, your budget and your company.

As health and safety laws get more complicated, the aim is to give clear advice and information with efficient and cost-effective outcomes. Contego is also committed, where possible, to providing opportunities for the less privileged and making a commitment to the preservation of the environment.

Contego loves to give back to the community, through substantial regular donations to great charities such as Rapid Relief Team (RRT) and a whole product section dedicated to Cancer Research. This advertises the charity and provides regular donations and income. It’s because we love what we do that our customers love the services and products we provide.





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What Our Clients Say

“Worked with our vision, and went beyond the extra mile finding us safety boot options that met our required standard for impact protection across the bridge of the foot… and within budget."

"Options on how end users could order were fab too, for my company at the time the people that needed the boots did not have access to PCs so forcing online ordering (as some suppliers do) just couldn’t work, like I said – found what worked for us.”

“Contego changed my world… They came in cheaper, better quality, SO MUCH FASTER… Nathan’s team are all about what works for you, took all the pain away.

Anita Cutts, former Purchasing Manager for Bradford Building Supplies."

“I rarely bother recommending people because I worry about consistency, but they were consistently ACE!”

“Very helpful and knowledgeable, the staff at Contego always deliver, even at short notice. Nothing seems too hard for them. Their collaborative, partnering approach to working with us ensures we get the very best products at the best prices.”

“I just wanted to say if I had my own company, Julie Hopkins, our account manager would defo be a part of it…..excellent service & feedback ….a massive asset to Contego!”

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