We are Contego

Where Health and Safety and the Environment matter

Our PPE and safety workwear are essential to keep staff protected in their jobs. But we believe we also have a responsibility to help protect our world too. That’s why we’re tackling a range of environmental and sustainability issues that our business operations can directly impact.

Our ambition

We strive to provide innovative, quality and efficient services that meet the needs of our customers. In doing so, we know we also need to safeguard the world’s natural environment for future generations. We’ve adopted sound sustainability policies that set us on the right track. Our approach isn’t static – we’re always looking to improve our environmental performance and set ourselves new goals to improve.

Our approach

Contego is an ISO 14001 accredited company. That means we’ve committed to reduce our environmental impact and continually develop our sustainability strategy.

Read our full Environmental Policy here

To packaging

We always recycle cardboard and plastic strapping. Wherever possible, we reuse cardboard boxes, which means we may use suppliers’ boxes instead of our Contego branded ones. But our efforts go beyond recycling and reusing. We proactively work with our suppliers to reduce the amount of packaging required to minimise waste.

Contego Eco ProductsTo products and innovation

Great quality products last longer and reduce waste. That’s why our Contego WEARMASTER® branded products have increased longevity. We also work closely with manufacturers to ensure that new-to-market products are environmentally minded. For example, using bio-based plastics manufactured from nut and seed oils rather than synthetic thermoelastic polymers. That means that they biodegrade faster.

We also stock a range of sustainable workwear, whose features make them ideal for customers looking for eco-friendly PPE, protective clothing and workwear.

Look out for products featuring our Eco Product logo. Items with the Eco Product logo will be some or all of the following:

  • Made from recycled materials, such as REPREVE® performance recycled padding using environmental-friendly materials made from recycled plastic bottles and post-industrial waste
  • Certified as carbon neutral, meaning it has no negative impact on the environment, to the point of delivery, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Is end-of-life recyclable
  • Packaged plastic-free

To our supplier relationships

Choosing suppliers whose environmental approach aligns with ours is a core policy. It means our preferred suppliers are also ISO 14001 or ISO 9001 accredited and collaborate with us on products and packaging that make meaningful improvements. We also prefer to work with local suppliers. In fact, one of our suppliers is within a mile of our head office.

To deliveries

We recognise that one of the most significant environmental impacts that Contego Safety Solutions has is how our products reach our customers. We’re addressing this by implementing a robust policy that includes working with DPD, whose aim it is to be ‘the greenest delivery company on this planet. DPD’s ‘Clean, Green Delivery’ ethos includes a commitment to build an all-electric delivery fleet, an air quality initiative Project BREATHE, 100% waste that avoids landfill, solar power and much more.

To our operations

If everyone takes care of the easy wins and minor changes, it adds up to a significant difference. That’s why we make sure that we take advantage of eco-settings, such as ensuring that our office and warehouse lights automatically switch off when vacant. Other examples include using energy-efficient bulbs and proactively buying sustainably produced, element chlorine-free paper.

Contego’s Fossil Fuel Reduction Journey has seen the company invest in a state of the art Solar Photovoltaic Panel system capable of producing more electricity than we consume. This is a great step forward on our carbon neutral journey, as it massively reduces the consumption of fossil fuels used to power our facility. We are also using advances in communication technology to minimise travel for meetings.

Recycling Lives partnerTo recycling PPE and clothing

We work with our customers to provide responsible, environmentally-friendly end-of-life recycling when their PPE and workwear is ready for disposal. We have partnered with Recycling Lives, a waste management business and charitable endeavour that specialises in recycling PPE. Recycling Lives collects and recycles PPE, uniform and workwear. Any corporate branding is removed and securely destroyed. What remains is mainly processed into new products, such as relief blankets, insulation, garden liners and buoys. Useable safety boots are sent overseas for use in developing countries.


Proud to support a major battery energy storage facility

UK Power Networks is a Distribution Networks Operator (DNO) providing power to a quarter of the UK’s population. In 2021 they connected one of the UK’s biggest battery energy storage facilities to the electricity network near Burgess Hill, West Sussex, for site developers, Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV) and Harmony Energy, to support renewable energy.

We were pleased to work with the energy company on this project for the 5 years leading up to the project completion. The land on which it is built belongs to Contego Safety Solutions and we worked hard with the energy company to provide the means for the project to go ahead.

Contego Safety Solutions Sustainability

What Our Clients Say

“Worked with our vision, and went beyond the extra mile finding us safety boot options that met our required standard for impact protection across the bridge of the foot… and within budget."

"Options on how end users could order were fab too, for my company at the time the people that needed the boots did not have access to PCs so forcing online ordering (as some suppliers do) just couldn’t work, like I said – found what worked for us.”

“Contego changed my world… They came in cheaper, better quality, SO MUCH FASTER… Nathan’s team are all about what works for you, took all the pain away.

Anita Cutts, former Purchasing Manager for Bradford Building Supplies."

“I rarely bother recommending people because I worry about consistency, but they were consistently ACE!”

“Very helpful and knowledgeable, the staff at Contego always deliver, even at short notice. Nothing seems too hard for them. Their collaborative, partnering approach to working with us ensures we get the very best products at the best prices.”

“I just wanted to say if I had my own company, Julie Hopkins, our account manager would defo be a part of it…..excellent service & feedback ….a massive asset to Contego!”