NPS (National Procurement Service)

The WPC was formed to improve the co-ordination of local authority purchasing with the object of effecting savings in public expenditure.  It consisted of sixteen Unitary Authorities in Wales and five associate members from other public sector organisations including Housing Associations and Fire & Rescue Services.

Contego supplies both PPE and workwear through the Welsh Purchasing Consortium.  This framework agreement has been operating successfully since October 2012.

It was inaugurated by Bridgend Council which saw the need for purchasing consistency and they now cover 16 live councils across Wales.  Contego won a well-deserved place in the agreement and supplies a wide range of workwear and safety products across all departments including facilities management, highways, refuse and recycling.

To ensure the ongoing successful management of this contract, and others like it, new products have to be brought into the range, stock levels have to be constantly monitored and revised to meet the customers’ needs and seasonal trends.  The purchasing department at Contego developed a new system to ensure stock is kept at an optimum at all times.

Developing and refining the range is an ongoing process always with a view to increasing user acceptance and best value whilst holding safety as paramount.

This was specifically demonstrated where there were several safety footwear styles being ordered, all of which had similar specifications. To simplify the process for the purchasing teams, new styles in the WEARMASTER® range were developed to incorporate the best of all designs. This was then trialled by wearers and widely approved.

There are many diverse requirements for workwear and the contract requires huge flexibility in the clothing and logo department. Currently more than 100 different logo designs have been created and applied to a wide range of garments all meeting specific requirements.

In the summer of 2017 the framework of WPC became the NPS, which is a new approach to collaborate public procurement in Wales. Contego were delighted to once again have been awarded the contract for PPE and workwear.

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“Worked with our vision, and went beyond the extra mile finding us safety boot options that met our required standard for impact protection across the bridge of the foot… and within budget."

"Options on how end users could order were fab too, for my company at the time the people that needed the boots did not have access to PCs so forcing online ordering (as some suppliers do) just couldn’t work, like I said – found what worked for us.”

“Contego changed my world… They came in cheaper, better quality, SO MUCH FASTER… Nathan’s team are all about what works for you, took all the pain away.

Anita Cutts, former Purchasing Manager for Bradford Building Supplies."

“I rarely bother recommending people because I worry about consistency, but they were consistently ACE!”

“Very helpful and knowledgeable, the staff at Contego always deliver, even at short notice. Nothing seems too hard for them. Their collaborative, partnering approach to working with us ensures we get the very best products at the best prices.”

“I just wanted to say if I had my own company, Julie Hopkins, our account manager would defo be a part of it…..excellent service & feedback ….a massive asset to Contego!”