Aviator is a Scandinavian company which provides aviation services for airports all over Europe. Roles include passenger and baggage handling through to de-icing, cargo and full freight handling.

Aviation Safety Clothing and Equipment Supplier
Aviation Safety Clothing and Equipment Supplier

Due to the nature of the job, workers need to be properly protected from the elements and rigours of their day with hardwearing and high quality PPE and safety clothing.

Dave Brown is the Passenger Services and Baggage Hall Manager at Manchester Airport. His team of 120-150 workers in the ramp services department cover baggage handling and loading of aircraft.

Dave said he was finding the company he originally used to supply PPE and workwear often couldn’t meet the sometimes tight deadlines that were required and his staff were being left short.

After deciding to look for an alternative UK supplier which could offer greater efficiency, quicker turnaround times and worry-free ordering, he found Contego in 2016.

Following an initial site visit, our team was able to provide a wide range of workwear and protective clothing, such as ramp boots, cargo trousers, hi vis vests and hi vis shirts, t-shirts, jumpers, safety gloves, bump caps and hi-vis waterproof coats, as well as PPE which included permanent and disposable ear protection.

Samples were provided free of charge to ensure that items met the needs of every worker and no problems were reported whatsoever.

Dave said: “It stopped us having to worry about that element of the job. We have a really good relationship with the team at Contego and speak to them on a weekly basis.

“They are honest, knowledgeable and helpful. Any faults (which are rare) are quickly rectified and they always find a way around any problem, offering the best quality, lowest price and a service I can trust.”

The benefits of using Contego’s range of PPE and safety workwear for Dave and his team include the following:

  • Quick turnaround times
  • Worry free, easy online ordering
  • Workwear and PPE that’s up to standard
  • Best value for money
  • Excellent working relationship
  • Products delivered to site for use directly
  • If a product wasn’t in stock, alternatives would be found and delivered quickly

Dave added that the heavy-duty nature of the work done by his baggage handlers meant the need for hardwearing, high quality and safe work clothes. After almost a year of working with Contego, he said he had not needed to replace one item yet, with no wear and tear or reduction in quality through regular washing reported.

He said: ”The quality of the clothing and embroidery is faultless, which I find is very few and far between these days. I’ve been extremely pleased with the service from Contego and can’t fault it in any way. It’s a no brainer.”

Glendale also benefited from our WEARPACK® service many times, helping them to ensure the right clothing was ordered and received by each individual. We worked closely with each depot to ensure they received the service, products and attention they deserved.

In addition, they received Personal Protective Equipment through our same day service, thus proving at Contego: “the customer really does come first.”

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“Worked with our vision, and went beyond the extra mile finding us safety boot options that met our required standard for impact protection across the bridge of the foot… and within budget."

"Options on how end users could order were fab too, for my company at the time the people that needed the boots did not have access to PCs so forcing online ordering (as some suppliers do) just couldn’t work, like I said – found what worked for us.”

“Contego changed my world… They came in cheaper, better quality, SO MUCH FASTER… Nathan’s team are all about what works for you, took all the pain away.

Anita Cutts, former Purchasing Manager for Bradford Building Supplies."

“I rarely bother recommending people because I worry about consistency, but they were consistently ACE!”

“Very helpful and knowledgeable, the staff at Contego always deliver, even at short notice. Nothing seems too hard for them. Their collaborative, partnering approach to working with us ensures we get the very best products at the best prices.”

“I just wanted to say if I had my own company, Julie Hopkins, our account manager would defo be a part of it…..excellent service & feedback ….a massive asset to Contego!”

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