5 ways to control your PPE spend

5 ways to control your PPE spend

Are you in charge of your company’s PPE and safety workwear procurement? If so, then your budget is most likely to be one of the more influencing factors when choosing what to buy.

The financial limitations of any budget allocated to a department often means taking every possible action to keep costs down. But in no way should controlling your PPE spend have to mean a compromise on quality.

Here we outline five ways you can control your PPE spend and manage your budget effectively, while ensuring that your workforce remains safe and comfortable.

  1. Consolidated invoicing through one supplier 

    As a procurement officer, you’ve probably found that a lot of your time and effort is taken up by working with different suppliers in order to source the PPE and safety workwear your workforce requires. The simple solution here is to find a single supplier who can meet all of your needs.By working with just one PPE and workwear supplier, you’ll benefit from consolidated invoicing, which in turn can bring huge savings by reducing the time you spend on procuring your required items.

  2. Have 24/7 access to real time data on orders 

    Keeping an eye on who, how and when PPE and safety workwear is being ordered will enable you to see where any unnecessary spending is taking place and potential savings can be made. Our online management portal and reporting systems make this easy.Every time you order from Contego, whether it’s through the website, over email, or telephone, your order will be available for you to view on the portal. This gives you complete purchasing control and peace of mind, allowing you to effectively track your spend.

  3. Educate your workforce 

    Educating staff on how to use, wear, and maintain PPE and safety workwear correctly will help control your spend on these items.If a member of staff is wearing something incorrectly or is not cleaning it as required, there is more chance of it becoming ineffective and needing to be replaced sooner than it should be.

    With the help of a PPE supplier who has up-to-date knowledge and experience of industry regulations and safety requirements, you can provide your workforce with the information they need to wear and look after their uniforms and workwear properly, reducing the likelihood of it needing to be replaced before its time.

  4. Buy quality PPE 

    It might be more expensive from the outset to buy better quality PPE and safety clothing; however, it’s the best investment in the long run. Higher quality products usually have a longer lifespan. While you might feel that you’re making budget savings by procuring cheaper products, it can be a false economy, as there’s every chance they’ll need replacing in half the time. And of course, by purchasing quality PPE and safety clothing, you can be sure that it’s the best workwear for the job.

  5. Work with a partner who knows your business 

    The needs and nature of your industry, and therefore your business, will often change over time. When it comes to choosing a PPE and safety workwear supplier, ensure you choose a company that can predict changing trends and develop bespoke, practical, and suitable solutions that fit your needs. You will also benefit from economies of scale by working with one supplier who knows all of your requirements, and can therefore buy in bulk or in advance.

Contego Safety Solutions stocks a wide range of corporate workwear, protective clothing, and PPE, including our WEARMASTER® range. We also provide a bespoke uniform design and manufacturing service to ensure that you get precisely what you are looking for in your company uniform.

The friendly and expert team at Contego Safety Solutions is always on hand to give advice and guidance on the right PPE and protective clothing for your needs. Contact us now on 0800 122 3323 or sales@contegosafety.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

Published on 15 September 2022


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