5 essentials to managing PPE and workwear requirements

5 essentials to managing PPE and workwear requirements

Across a diverse range of industries, the role of health and safety procurement staff is an essential one. Last year, as the coronavirus pandemic accelerated, health and safety staff worked harder than ever to ensure their workforces were safe and protected.

We’ve identified five factors that simplify sourcing PPE and workwear and help keep workforces safe from a multitude of risks at work.

  1. Fast ordering 

    As a client of Contego Safety Solutions, you’ll have access to your own Online Management Portal. This means management can pre-select workwear items and PPE but, with permission, staff can access the portal to order their own preferences and sizes. If permitted, employees can also re-order and track their items. This controlled delegation helps health and safety staff manage multiple individual requirements efficiently.

  2. Easy distribution 

    Distributing uniforms and PPE to the right people can pose a logistical challenge. Our WEARPACK® service means that items are labelled with names and departments before shipping, simplifying the process of getting uniform and PPE to the correct people. It’s a time-saving measure that frees up the time of health and safety staff to focus on other priorities.

  3. Transparent budgeting 

    When a large volume of PPE and uniforms are ordered, it’s essential to have control of the budget. To help regulate how much is being spent, and on what, Contego Safety’s Online Management Portal provides total spending transparency. It’s easy to see what staff are ordering and spending. Managers can set budget limits and order level restrictions to ensure budgets are never exceeded without authorisation. These parameters allow procurement managers to budget for workwear and PPE accurately, and the data informs them where future savings could be made.

  4. Easy customisation 

    Uniforms with prominent company logos help identify your staff. Other customisation, perhaps identifying job roles, are often found on construction workwear, or in workplaces where it’s essential to locate a manager or team leader quickly. Contego Safety offers an in-house embroidering and heatseal customisation service. Once designed and approved, the uniforms are available through the Online Management Portal, making re-ordering quick and easy.

  5. Clear usage tracking 

    Contego Safety’s Online Management Portal tracks how often particular items are being re-ordered. This data is essential to help forecast supply chain management and avoid delays in vital safety equipment being available. It also helps if employees need advice on how to improve the longevity of their uniform and PPE and reduce unnecessary re-ordering rates.

Contego Safety Solutions stocks a wide range of corporate workwear, protective clothing and PPE, including our WEARMASTER® range. We also provide a bespoke uniform design and manufacture service to ensure you get precisely what you are looking for in a company uniform. The friendly and expert team at Contego Safety Solutions is always on hand to give advice and guidance on the right PPE and protective clothing for your needs. Contact us now on 0800 122 3323 or sales@contegosafety.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

To find out more about our extensive range of safety clothing, workwear and equipment, visit our online shop.

Published on 12 January 2021


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