3 advantages to streamlining your PPE and workwear supply

3 advantages to streamlining your PPE and workwear supply

Organisations that need to protect their staff from workplace hazards know the importance of finding a reputable PPE supplier that, as a minimum, provides essential equipment that meets the necessary safety and quality thresholds. But this is just the first consideration when you’re considering changing suppliers. More than ever, organisations are looking to simplify their purchasing arrangements and trust a single supplier to fulfil their PPE and corporate workwear requirements. But what are the advantages of streamlining uniform and PPE purchasing and having a single provider to keep your workforce both protected and looking smart?

Advantage #1: Wider choice

Often organisations have to use different suppliers for PPE and workwear simply because they don’t have access to all the options they need from a single source. Many of the industries Contego Safety Solutions works with have staff who are required to wear uniforms that identify them as employees of the organisation. We offer a wide range of uniform options, from smart tailoring to all-weather gear, that can be customised with company logos and other identifying text, such as job roles. We can even help design bespoke uniforms.

We work closely with companies across industries, including facilities management and logistics, and support many local authorities, whose requirements are many and varied. It means we’re confident that we can supply everything required for a wide variety of occupations and roles. Nevertheless, we’re always expanding our catalogue and engaging our clients in sourcing and developing new products that help them keep staff safe and smart.

Advantage #2:Time efficiencies

Opting for a PPE provider who can not only supply all the safety equipment you need but the workwear and uniforms you require too means you’re dealing with a one-stop-shop for a significant proportion of your company’s spend on employee equipment. Ultimately, this saves precious time. Health and safety managers avoid juggling multiple suppliers, accounts, and budgets – which can be a particular pain point for those responsible for health and safety procurement.

Contego Safety Solution’s Online Management Portal saves even more time because managers get an at-a-glance dashboard of their account to see precisely what is being spent on safety equipment and workwear. They can drill down further into the detail when required, track PPE and workwear usage, and understand spending patterns or anomalies. And while there’s always someone on the end of the phone at Contego to help with questions and orders, pre-approved staff can process orders online for extra time efficiency.

Advantage #3:Cost efficiencies

Choosing a single supplier of PPE and workwear doesn’t only save time – there are competitive financial savings to be made simply by taking advantage of volume economics. But financial savings aren’t just gained through our competitive pricing. The ability to interrogate their spending through their Online Management Portal makes it easy for Contego clients to see where further financial savings could be achieved and make informed decisions about future purchasing. What’s more, our Forecasting Supply Chain Management feature provides accurate forecasting, including seasonal trends, for ultimate insight and financial planning.

Contego Safety Solutions stocks a wide range of corporate workwear, protective clothing and PPE, including our WEARMASTER® range. We also provide a bespoke uniform design and manufacture service to ensure you get precisely what you are looking for in a company uniform. The friendly and expert team at Contego Safety Solutions is always on hand to give advice and guidance on the right PPE and protective clothing for your needs. Contact us now on 0800 122 3323 or sales@contegosafety.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

Published on 13 April 2021


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